Exclusive Interview: Robert Vadra Speaks To Kalinga TV

In an exclusive interview with Kalinga TV, Robert Vadra, the businessman son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and husband of Priyanka Gandhi speaks his heart out on fitness and the political scene in India.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Reporter: Sir let me start by asking you, are you a fitness freak because, I have seen you gyming, cycling etc?

Robert Vadra: I have been into fitness for the last 25 years. I have been into writing about all my experiences. I try to inspire youths by visiting gyms.

Reporter: Rahul Gandhi is often seen doing push-ups, jumping in the sea. Moreover, Priyanka Gandhi is also doing the same. Is this a new way of politics to attract the youths?

Robert Vadra: Rahul Gandhi and I have been into fitness even before entering into fitness. Similarly, Priyanka is into diving, walking and other physical activities from the beginning. It is our capabilities and we have been doing it for years now.

It is not for political campaigning. India is a diverse country and we are free to do anything we like. We should attract people of all age groups. We understand youths. This makes everyone active.

Reporter: You played an active role during COVID-19 lockdown, tell us more?

Robert Vadra: During COVID-19, the government imposed lockdown without any prior notice due to which citizens had to go through several unwanted problems. With no work, no source of income, they had to return back to their villages. During that time, I provided them with shoes, arranged vehicles for them, provided food and sanitiser. I tried to help them in any way I could.

Reporter: You protested in a unique way to show anger against the hike in fuel price. Are you happy that the message reached all the people?

Robert Vadra: Thank you for having me. I understand the problems of the citizens. I write about it. Whenever I step out, people often approach me with their problems. I know the government is not listening to them. So, if I can do anything on my part to help people, then it will be a blessing for me.

Reporter: So, you still continue your protest relating to rising fuel prices?

Robert Vadra: Now talking about price rises, like petrol, diesel and LPG, citizens are now finding it hard to put petrol in their vehicles due to the hike. They cannot save money to buy medicines for their elderly parents. Going through all of it personally, I try to write about it and spread awareness through my writings.

I protested again the fuel price hike my riding cycle to my office. I want to spread a message that people should be aware of the BJP government’s evil intentions. People who are getting half salary due to COVID-19, how can they afford this hike in petrol and LPG.

Reporter: Sir, your personal, family life. Rahul Gandhi is out on campaigns, Sonia Gandhi is not home. I know you love children very much.

Robert Vadra: Look, my family in India. All citizens of India are our family. Wherever we go, we receive a lot of love. Wherever we go, people take selfies with us, invite us for food. This way, the whole of India is my family.

Priyanka Gandhi entered politics two years ago. Before that, she was only my wife. Now, the problems of all citizens of India is her responsibility. I don’t get enough time to spend with Rahul, Priyanka, because of their campaigns and all. But, I want them to reach out to people and help everyone.

Reporter: Are you interested in politics or you have interests in politics?

Robert Vadra: I have been closely associated with Congress for the last 25-30 years. If I wanted to enter into politics, I could have easily entered into it. But, I first want to reach out to people, understand their needs, bring changes and then if people think I’m good enough to enter into politics, then they will choose me.

Secondly, I’m busy with my personal work. Since I’m associated with a political family, we discuss a lot about politics within the family. So, I’m naturally inclined towards it. Whenever Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka go out on campaigns, many agencies reach my office for comments.

Reporter: Sir, my question is, are you being troubled for being the husband of Priyanka Gandhi or son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi?

Robert Vadra: Yes, you are correct. Because when they go out on campaigns and reach out to people, the media tries to distract their campaigns by showing bad things about me. This will distract the citizens from the campaigns.

In the last eight to ten years, I have answered all their questions and provided all the documents. Income tax agencies reach out to me whenever the government is doing something bad. So, to divert the attention they distract the citizens towards us and show us in the bad limelight.

Reporter: Sir, coming to my last question, you have travelled a lot. So, what is your impression of Odisha? We have a lot of tourist destinations, Lord Jagganath in Puri, temples and our leader Naveen Patnaik who has ruled for the last 20 years.

Robert Vadra: I love Odisha. Like I said, our nation is diverse with rich culture and heritage. I travel all throughout the country for spiritual visits. Recently, I went to Jeypore, I went to Maharashtra. Wherever I go, first I visit places of worship be it Gurudwara, Church, Temple or Masjid. I thank God for keeping everyone safe, let everyone be secular and provide good health.

Odisha, I will surely visit in future. I will visit the Jagannath Temple. I will explore Odisha and I know I will receive a lot of love and warmth from all people from Odisha.

Reporter: Thank you so much for giving Kalinga TV an opportunity to talk to you and know more about you.

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  1. GAUTAM says

    Sounds like a uneducated person.
    Has he ever studied for college ???
    I don’t think he has.

  2. GAUTAM says

    Sounds like a uneducated person.
    Has he ever studied for college ???
    I don’t think he has. Also.
    Has a corrupt face.

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