Drakhya sweet of Ganjam available during Rath Yatra only, watch

Berhampur: The ‘drakhya’ sweet is available only during Rath Yatra time in Digapahandi area of Ganjam district in Odisha. A few street vendor were seen selling this tasty sweet at the Gundicha temple chhaka of Digapahandi yesterday.

Drakhya may not be sold during other times of the year but this sweet is surely sold during the nine days of Rath Yatra near the Gundicha temple in Digapahandi of Ganjam. Actually the vendors a number of sweets out of which ‘drakhya’ is the demanded one.

Soaked green gram is made dough and then it is fried after put in a kadai through a slotted spoon to give it the required safe. Then it is put into sugar-water. Drakhya sweet is prepared in this process.

People of the Gudia caste in Digapahandi area use to make drakhya sweet.

Surendra Sahu, who is dealing with this sweet since long in this area says that they get order for drakhya mitha only in between Rath Yatra and Bahuda Yatra.

Sahu is into this business since the time of his forefathers. His wife helps him in preparation of the sweet. She grinds, fries and put the roasted drakshyas to the sweet water. She said that she is happy to do this in her in law house.

After preparation the gudias sell it in the hand pulled carts at the Gundicha chhaka of Digapahandi.

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