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Dola Purnima: Artists in Odisha busy in making Dola Bimana, watch

Ahead of Dola Purnima the artists in Odisha are now busy in making Dola Bimana. Dola Yatra is a festival to celebrate the divine love of Radha-Krishna and to welcome spring. After a hiatus of two years due to Covid pandemic, now people are now gearing up for Dola Purnima. It is the occasion when God descends on earth to play Holi with his devotees.

Preparations have already begun for Dola Purnima 2023. Artists are busy in making Dola Bimanas. With the artistic touch the woods turn into beautiful Dola Bimanas. The idols of Lord are placed on this bimana.

The Khandayat Patana village in Rupadeipur panchayat in Pipili block of Puri district is busy these days as many Dola Bimanas are in the making here ahead of Dola Purnima. The divine ambience can very much be felt here.

The family of Gadadhar Moharana in Khandayat Patana is engaged in making of Dola Bimana since generations. This is not just a profession for them but they have sacrificed their lives to the service of God by this.

The work of Dola Bimana making is to be done cautiously. Woods such as Neem, Gambhara, teak, sal and Akashi are used in Dola Bimana making.

Initially the woods are cut with the help of saws. And then the artists create the arts on the wood and the Bimana is made. They feel satisfied for getting a chance to make the Dola Bimana.

Dola Bimanas are basically of five types viz Mundiya, Eka Mundiya, Jhulana Bimana, Palinki Bimana and Dola Bimana. Now, for Dola Purnima 2023 the Dola Bimana is mostly in the making. For Lord Jagannath, the Pancha Mundiya Jhulana Palanquin is made. The different parts of the Bimana are – Khora, Pagada, Khora Bada, Tala (lower) Chakada, Singha Bada, Upara (Upper) Chakada, Khunti, Meherabi, Singhasana, Chala, Tundata, Beki, Mudia and Dadhi Neuti (pinnacle). The artists take more than a month to make the Dola Purnima.

During Dola Purnima the Dola Bimana is decked up with colourful Chanduas. The idols are made to sit on this palanquin and taken on the shoulder. For this Dola Bimana is hugely in demand. And hence people form far places visit the makers’ place to get their Dola Bimanas. In Khandayat Patana the Dola Bimanas are strong beautiful and the price is also less according to the customers.

The idols will be placed in the Dola Bimana and will visit house to house to accept offering from the devotees. And the God will return to his abode after getting coloured with different shades of abir.

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