Devotees bid adieu to Lord Ganesha in Dengue awareness themed immersion procession

Puri: In a rare happening, the Lord Ganesha immersion procession of a village in Puri district of Odisha has lately grabbed attention of people. The youths of Ostapur in Astaranga Block organised the immersion procession with the theme of spreading awareness against Dengue. While this lethal disease has raised alarm in the State in the last few weeks such a unique themes procession earned admiration from people.

The members of the Swapneswar Club in Ostapur village in Astaranga block in Kakatpur area preferred a unique way of bidding adieu to Lord Ganesha in the immersion procession.

Generally, during Lord Ganesha puja it is seen that the organisers leave no stone unturned to organise an immersion procession amid DJ and other modern gears to make it memorable and enjoyable. However, spreading awareness during a procession is surely a rare affair. However, the members of this puja committee did so.

Reportedly, the Swapneswar Club has been organising Lord Ganesha puja for the last 76 years. That means approximately right after Independence here Lord Ganesha puja commenced.

These days Dengue has come up as a threat while more number of infections are being registered with each passing day. At this juncture, the organisers thought that this will be more appropriate to spread awareness against Dengue during the Lord Ganesha immersion procession rather than to go for the general DJ backed enjoyable procession.

It was seen that people displayed placards with an aim to sensitize people to fight against Dengue. They also carried pots containing jhuna (damar batu resin).

As per reports, these days, dengue patients have been identified from villages to cities in Odisha. As it is the rainy season, the prevalence of mosquitoes is high in the crowded areas. Therefore, due to lack of awareness, many people getting affected by dengue from mosquito bites.

During the Ganesh Bhasani, the youth of Ostapur village spread awareness. Not only that, but Lord Ganesh was enthroned in bullock cart unlike other processions where the idol is set on a vehicle. And with this they tried to adopt a traditional way which earned admiration of people.

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