Dahi Bara Aloo Dam: The Undisputed King Of Street Delicacies

By- Md. Mojahid Raza

Bhubaneswar: For every Bhubaneswarite, Dahi bara aloo dam is one food item which is too hard to resist. There is hardly anyone who does not feel mesmerised by the sight of this mouth-watering delicacy. The irresistible aroma and spicy taste of Dahi bara aloo dam is what tempts the taste buds of street food lovers. Just the name Dahi bara aloo dam is enough to transport your mind to your local Bhaina selling the tantalising delicacy in big silver vessels, hanging on both sides of his bicycle.

The lip-smacking street food is a spicy combination of soft and spongy Dahi baras topped with spicy aloo dum and ghuguni (yellow peas curry), garnished with small bits of chopped onions, coriander leaves, cucumber, red chutney and ‘sev’. While the Baras taste plain, it is the spicy ghughuni and aloo dam curry which give the dish its distinctive taste. Sometimes, a liberal chunk of green chilli chutney and thick curd are also added to enhance the taste of the dish. While all the three items in this street food- Bara, Aloo dam and Ghughuni are seperate dishes with specific flavours, their magical combination makes Dahi bara aloo dam a dish worth savouring.

Pic Credit- Twitter
Pic Credit- Twitter

Another interesting fact which makes Dahi bara aloo dam special is that it is fondly eaten at every hour- be it breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. Students and office goers in the city swear by this dish as a sumptuous lunch item. The healthy dose of curd, baras, aloo dam, crunchy snacks and spicy toppings is enough to keep hunger at bay.

There are so many hawkers selling this dahi vada all over the city; each one having their own taste, special toppings and way of serving. For instance, there are some vendors who serve Dahi bara aloo dam on green leaves as it enhances the taste of the dish. Some believe in topping Dahi bara aloo dam sans the ghughuni while there are others who serve spicy buttermilk with crushed green chillies along with the dish. Nevertheless, the delicious street food is fondly savoured by all irrespective of serving style.

Pic Credit- Twitter
Pic Credit- Twitter

While there are many who love Gupchup, Chaat and Bhel puri, Dahi bara aloo dam is a favourite of all. Another good thing about this enticing delicacy is that apart from being tasty, it is soft on stomach and easy to digest alike other street foods. Baras are made of black gram which is good for health while potato in the aloo dam curry provide carbohydrates and boosts the energy level of the body. Furthermore, the curd in the dish is notorious for its rehydrating as well as digestive properties.

Owing to its wholesome goodness, Dahi bara aloo dam has become the undisputed king in the world of street food. The delicacy has become an integral part of Bhubaneswar’s food culture. People from outside the state are equally hooked to Dahi bara aloo dam and every Odia takes pride for this dish, which combines taste, good health and possesses a unique identity of its own among the milieu of street food items.

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