Cuttack: 800 year old tree in Maa Bhuasuni temple has immense power to heal, watch

Cuttack: There are many deities in Odisha, whose greatness will leave you speechless. Such a famous temple is the Maa Bhuasuni temple in Cuttack.

The Maa Bhuasuni temple is located on the bank of River Mahanadi. The temple is more than 800 years old.

Maa Bhaasuni is said to be a lively Goddess. According to the servitor of the temple the Goddess is so lively that if someone calls Her with devotion she responds immediately.

Maa Bhuasuni temple has many significances. An interesting legend is associated with the origin of the temple. According to a legend, a washerwoman named Pitei used to wash clothes often in the Mahanadi River. She was a blessed woman with mystic power.

One day when she was washing clothes in the River, she saw a shadow falling on the River water. As she looked up she saw that Goddess Kamakshya Devi was taking away Maa Bhuasuni along with her in the sky by dint of her power. It is said the washerwoman brought Maa Bhuasuni down using her spiritual power. Since then, Maa Bhuasuni is being worshiped at this place in a shrine on the banks of river Mahanadi in Bidanasi area of Cuttack.

Devotees from different parts of the state as well as far away places pay visit to Maa Bhuasuni temle here. Many of them also have wishes that they want to be fulfilled by the blessings of Maa Bhubasuni.

A few years ago the princess of Nepal had come here for darshan of Bhuashuni a few years ago.

Even in the works of legendary saint Achyutananda, there is description of Bhuasuni Pitha and a strange tree.

Telling about the strange tree, the temple priest said that the tree in this pitha is more than 800 years old. This tree with five branched leaves has no name. The servitors insistently says that there is no such tree anywhere else. That’s why this tree is named, the unknown tree queen. If you eat the leaves of this tree in the name of Mother Bhuasuni, it can heal you, says the temple priest. Devotees visit here and tie colourful threads on the branches of this tree to get their wishes fulfilled.

Report: Bibhu Prasad Swain, Cuttack, Kalinga TV

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