Crime syndicate run by prisoner from Koraput jail in Odisha: Watch

Koraput: Koraput Police have busted a recent kidnap case in which it has been seen that a crime syndicate is being operated from inside the jail by a prisoner from the Koraput circle jail in Odisha. In this case Police found that the blueprint of the crime was prepared inside the jail. And the aides of the dreaded criminal named Javed from Jeypore are executing the order out of prison along with the relatives of the prisoner.

Recently, a person had come from Uttar Pradesh to visit his relative who is languishing in Koraput jail. However, he was kidnapped and a ransom of Rs 25 lakh was demanded.

Three persons from Koraput town, and Hina Parvin, the niece of the Master mind prisoner of Jeypore Javed and one perons from Jagdalpur of Chhattisgarh were arrested by Koraput Town PS police. Sister of Javed and the driver fled from the scene. Police seized a bike, 5 mobile phones and Rs 23,500 from the possession of the arrested persons. Is it real that jail inmates are controlling crime. How the nexus is being operated from inside the prison. A report.

Ample numbers of CCTV cameras have been installed in the jail. Many security personnel have been deployed. And dreaded criminals have been lodged inside the Jail. Still crimes are taking place outside whose blueprints are being prepared in the jail. This has happened in Koraput.

Javed is languishing in the jail. He is making the blueprint from the jail. And his aides including niece Hina Parvin, Manoj Khosla, Pintu Khara, Anil Takiri and John Mohammad are executing it. Moreover, these people are allegedly linked with interstate criminals.

CCTVs have been installed in jail. The jail officials are monitoring every step of the inmates from the footages. Still inmates are operating crime syndicate. It has been seen that the recent kidnap case’s blueprint was prepared in Koraput ciricle jail.

Koraput Police busted the kidnap for which blueprint had been prepared inside jai. After Police knew about the plot, the officers had kept strict vigil on the movement of the criminals inside Koraput and Jeypor jails.

A persons form UP is languishing in the Koraput jail since long who had been arrested for trading of illegal ganja. He was given offer that he would be freed and his bail will be carried out. After getting this offer, one of his relatives came from UP, however he was kidnapped from the road.

He was kept in a lonely place for 3 days and thrashed blue and black. A ransom of Rs 25 lakh was demanded. The kidnappers also took away Rs 30,000 from the account of the victim from the ATM. And all this things were being controlled by Javed from inside the jail. After busting of this case by Koraput Police, people have questioned the ability of the Jail authority’s management. People have appreciated Police.

As per the offer Abdul Mana of Amheda village under Deodoli PS  of Amroha distict in UP came to Odisha. As per the instruction he went to Shaikh Hasina, the sister of Javed in Jeypore. Later, when they were coming in a car from Jeypore to Koraput jail, as per the plan aides of Javed kidnapped Abdul Mana from near the entrance of Forest Check gate in Koraput. It was a kidnap by Manoj Khosla and his criminal aides. Manoj is an aide of Javed.

Manoj Khosla had been arrested and kept in jail on the charge of rape. He has been released from Koraput jail recently. His crime team includes 7 members including sister of Javed, niece, and driver.

However, he was asking for the ransom from the victim’s mobile. The family members of Muna in UP complained it to Koraput SP. Accordingly, Police operation started. Polie arrested Javed’s niece Hena Parvin, Manoj Khosla, Anil Takiri, Pintu Khara. Sister of Javed, Shaikh Salina and driver fled from the scene. Police are investigating the crime record of the arrested persons. Now there are 802 inmates in Koraput jail out of whom more than 400 have been lodged for illegal Ganja smuggling.

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