Cosmic Mystery: A strange radio signal burst emanating from a distant galaxy

New Delhi: Astronomers have detected a persistently active fast radio burst coming from a distant dwarf galaxy, nearly 3 billion light-years away from earth, reported NDTV.

As per reports, fast radio bursts (FRBs) are some of the brightest flashes of radio-frequency emissions. They only last for milliseconds. It takes extremely high energy to be formed. However, the nature of FRBs is still unknown.

The new Fast Radio Burst (FRB) termed as FRB 20190520B poses questions about the nature of the mysterious phenomena by an international team of astronomers.

Reportedly, astronomers from the earth have traced the radio bursts from a distant dwarf galaxy. They are inspecting these bright FRBs, to learn more about their cause and intense radio-emitting structure.

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