Cook with Deepa: Recipe for Pasta salad

By Deepa Mishra

Normally salads are made with varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables and thus it makes all our foods healthy and balanced. People who are on strict diet plans most of the time skip their lunch or dinner with salad. Yet, if you will follow this for a long time it may make your diet plan boring. Hence, today we are going to make an interesting version of salad which is tastier than normal salad and healthy as well.

Here is the recipe to prepare Pasta Salad.


1.Pasta-1 cup-boiled
2.Spring onion-chooped-1/2 cup
3.American corn-1/2 cup-boiled
4.Butter-1 cube-fat-free
5.Cheese -1cube
6.Black pepper crushed-4
7.Green chilles-2 pieces
8.Blacksalt-1/2 table spoon
9.Boiled chicken-1/2 cup
10.Maida-1 tablespoon
11.Milk-1/2 cup
12.Coriender leaves chopped-1/2 cup
13.Simla mirch chopped-1/2 cup
14.Red onions chopped-1/2 cup

Process for preparation-

First heat a pan and put some butter into it and then add some maida, salt, black pepper powder, cheese and salt to taste and stir it repeatedly till the cheese melts. Now put all the pasta, spring onion, boiled chicken, corn, simla mirch for flavor and colour, green chillies, coriander leaves and mix it well.

You can add more vegetables and fruits into it to make it healthier according to your choice. Try it to make your diet plan more flavourful. The nutrients of salads help you to reduce your blood sugar, cholesterol levels as well. If we add these salads into our food daily it will sharpen our eyesight as it’s so rich in vitamin A, iron etc.

N.B: The author Dhrutidipa Mishra is from Bhubaneswar. She can be contacted at


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