Cook with Deepa: Recipe for Coconut Pak

The recipe for ‘Coconut Pak’ is easy to follow once you get it from the column ‘Cook with Deepa’ of Kalinga TV portal. Deepa Mishra is a homemaker from Bhubaneswar of Odisha who has earned much fame for her precious cooking tips as well as recipe following which amazing and tasty dishes can be made at home easily. Besides, she is an exponent of Odissi dance.

About coconut pak

Sweets made out of coconut are widely consumed especially in south India as coconut is widely grown here. This sweet dish is also taken as a sign of good luck for travelers in some regions. Coconuts are rich in amino acids while it is also packed with fiber and thus is a healthy diet.

Today we will make coconut pak that has healthy ingredients backed with super taste. Let’s cook.


  1. Coconut (grated)-2cups
  2. Sugar-1cup
  3. Jagerry-1 cup
  4. Mithai maid-1 cup
  5. Desi ghee-1 cup
  6. Cardamom (Ilaichi) powder-1 tablespoon

Preparation process

First make a fine paste of the grated coconuts. Heat a pan and put the whole coconut paste on it. Cook it till it thickens. Then put mithai maid, sugar, jaggery and ilaichi powder in it and stir for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Once it cooked its colour and texture will change. Now put some Desi ghee and cook for some time. Repeat the same till the jalidar texture comes out with the coconut mixture. Heat a burning tray with Desi ghee and pour all the mixture to it. Cut it into pieces. You can store it for months. It tastes delicious. Try it for sure and write to me.

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