Communal Amity: Hindu Villagers Take Care Of Mosque In Bihar

New Delhi: In a heart-touching incident of communal amity, the Hindu residents of Mari village in Bihar’s Nalanda district have been taking care of a mosque in the absence of Muslims inhabitants there.

According to a report by ANI, the Muslim population in the village slowly faded out and there was no one left to care for the mosque. That’s when the people in the village joined hands and preserved it.

From painting the walls, sweeping and mopping the area to playing Azaan at the right hour, the locals here are selflessly doing everything to keep intact the sanctity and holiness of the Mosque.

With the help of a pen drive, Azaan is played at the Mosque and the people solemnly gather inside for some time- just like their Muslim brothers who once prayed in the mosque.

Pic Credit- ANI

Also, whenever there is a wedding in the village, the newly-weds come here first to take blessings.

The noble act of the residents of Mari village reflects the plurality, tolerance, and diversity which characterise the Indian society. It also validates the fact that humanity is beyond religion. We may have different religions, different languages, different faiths but we all belong to one human race.

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