Chaitra Mela of Goddess Taratarini in Ganjam district of Odisha

Berhampur: The Chaitra Mela of Goddess Taratarini takes place on the four Tuesdays in the Hindu month of Chaitra every year at the famous shrine of the Goddess in Ganjam district of Odisha. Since the festival had not been organised in the last two years due to Covid pandemic, this year many devotees from far off places enthusiastically took part in the festival on the four Tuesdays.

The last Chaitramela of Goddess Taratarni was held amid participation of thousands of devotees. On this occasion while elaboarate arrangement had been made by the temple authorities and the district administration, devotees made a beeline to the famous shrine located atop a hill on last Tuesday.

The prime deity of Ganjam district is Goddess Taratarini. Chaitramela gets organised every year on the Tuesdays of Chaitra here. Yesterday, Chaitra mela was organised here. The temple had a festive time. Devotees from far-off places from the dist and other districts made a beeline. Many devotees were seen climbing the 999 steps braving the scorching sunlight on the last Chaitramela held at the shrine.

Goddess Taratarini is regarded as the principal deity of Ganjam district. This is one of the famous Shakti shrines.

Many devotees visited the shrine along with their offspring to get their children tonsured. This tradition is considered auspicious. Rituals were performed across the day while long queue of devotees was seen for darshan.

Goddess Taratarini was attired with the Basantika Durga Besha on the fourth Chitra Mela day. And keeping in view the large footfall all arrangements had been made by the Temple Managing Committee as well as the Police Department.

It is believed that getting a glimpse of the Goddess and paying obeisance to Her during Chaitramela fulfils all wishes. Located atop a hill some devotees reach the temple by climbing 999 steps while some others use Ropeway or vehicles to reach at the shrine.

In the morning, Mangala alati, Abakasha, Mailam laagi, Tadapa lagi, mahasnana, Sringara, and Sodasa Upachar rituals were performed.

Devotees use to get their children tonsured at this shrine for fulfilment of wishes. For this arrangement had been made at three places by the administration. Besides, drinking water, 24 hours electricity, and special arrangements had been made for the convenience of the devotees.

For smooth conduct of the last Chaitramela on the last Tuesday, as many as 7 platoon Police forces led by two numbers of Additional  SPs and 26 number of Inspectors had been deployed.

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