Can one get infected with Covid 19 even after vaccination? Know in detail

There are many instances of people getting infected with Covid 19 even after vaccination. Does it mean the vaccine failed, or it has some other reason? Actor Paresh Rawal, Pakistan PM Imran Khan and some other biggies got infected even after vaccination. What was the reason? Let us discuss in detail.

As per an article in Times of India, last year scientists had said that the efficacy of the vaccine is about 50 per cent. Fortunately, all of the approved vaccines resulted far beter with efficacy rates as high as 95 %. However, even the best vaccine can’t guarantee that you will not fall ill after getting vaccinated.

Yet, it still is not claimed as the failure of vaccine because vaccination is not eradication of the disease, but it only allows keeping the infection at a tolerable low.

Getting infected with Covid even after the first vaccination is called breakthrough. Scientists have said that breakthrough cases are not surprising because none of the vaccines available these days for Covid claim to protect you from infection rather vaccination only guards the body against effect of the virus, it does not completely eradicates the virus.

At this juncture, there are some probable reasons of breakthrough. And the following points may be helpful in this regard to get a better understanding of the issue.

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Even if after the vaccination one needs to abide with the precautions suggested by the experts, which have been asked by the government to follow. It includes wearing of masks in public places, frequent sanitization of hands, maintaining social distancing etc.

Another reason of getting infected after vaccination is not getting the second dose either on time or not getting the second dose at all.

Also, although you have been vaccinated, you need to abide by all the safety measures to prevent contracting virus.

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