Brown sugar smuggling racket operated from jail in Khurda! Watch

Khordha: After surfacing of a few reports, it has been alleged that a big brown sugar smuggling racket is being regulated from Khurda jail in Khordha district of Odisha.

Some people are of the opinion that Khurda Jail has become the new hub of illegal brown sugar trading racket. It has been alleged that the entire blueprint of the illegal trading of brown sugar is being prepared inside the jail.

Reportedly, brown sugar is being smuggled from West Bengal to Khurda via Jaleswar of Balasore district. And the smugglers’ network is working so impeccably that neither the police nor the Excise department can bust. And the result is big brown sugar mafias are not coming under the trap, rather only the small illegal traders are being nabbed. So now question is when will Khurda be freed from the clutches of brown sugar smuggling?

Many people visit Khordha district daily for different works. Yet, despite presence of such large number of people, still brown sugar smuggling is going on swiftly here.

What is the reason behind failure of the police and the Excise department to nab the big brown sugar mafias? Reportedly, this deadly poison is coming directly to Khurda from West Bengal through Jaleswar. And from here the brown sugar is being suggled to different parts of the state. This illegal trade has been going on for years. If it had been prevented from the beginning, it might not have taken over the entire city like a creeper.

The kingpins of brown sugar smuggling racket are skipped and only the petty traders are being caught. Due to this, the illegal business is increasing. Brown sugar smuggling is going on in many places like Samantrapur, Gurjung, Dam Sahi, Bhaliabadi, Thengahat, Jemadei in Khurda.

Crimes like murders, loot and robberies are on the rise for brown sugar smuggling. First, youth, then women, and now college students are being targeted. College kids are being lured into this illegal network.

From where brown sugar is smuggled to Khurda? Who is bringing and who is taking? Where is the kingpin who runs the entire network? Even though the police were able to catch the criminals to some extent, still brown sugar smuggling racket is running in Khurda.

Now it has been alleged that the blueprint of this illegal trade is being operated from the prison. Despite the 24-hour vigilance in Khurda Jail, many mobiles are reportedly found inside the jail.

And the findings came after a mobile phone was seized from the jail in February. The jailer filed a complaint in the Model police station in this regard.

The local police were surprised after the inspection of the CDR report. In this connection, Police have arrested 6 brown sugar mafias and seized 265 grams of brown sugar from their possession.

It has been alleged that about 95 prisoners in Khurda jail are involved in the brown sugar smuggling. More than 20 mobiles were seized from them.

The jailer said nothing in front of the camera. However, off the camera, he has admitted that since the jail is inside Khurda town, the fact of mobile phones getting sent inside the jail cannot be denied. He has sought cooperation of police in this matter.

It has been alleged that despite Police have nabbed many brown sugar smugglers there are still many active brown sugar smugglers in the city.

Now let’s have a look at the data of brown sugar seizure and arrest in the last 4 years.

In 2020, 5 kg 136 grams of brown sugar was seized while 18 cases were registered. 22 men and 3 women were arrested in this connection.

In 2021, 1 kg 299 grams of brown sugar was seized while 21 cases were registered. 32 men and 5 women were arrested for illegal brown sugar trading.

In 2022, 84 men and 9 women were arrested with the seizure of 1 kg 599 grams of brown sugar; 37 cases were registered.

Similarly, in 2023, seventy-nine men and 2 women were arrested with the seizure of 1 kg 975 grams of brown sugar while 33 cases were registered.

So far this year, 8 men have been arrested while 291 grams of brown sugar has been seized and 3 cases have been registered.

It has been observed that many crimes including murder, loot and robbery are being committed for illegal brown sugar deals. Khurda police and the Excise department are trying their best to root the racket out, but the task is yet to be achieved.

It is being discussed that two different gangs, led one each by Paku and Sanju, were running brown sugar smuggling rackets in Khurda. Paku was murdered by Sanju last year at the Thanga Hat. And now he and his gang are inside Khurda Jail.

However, it has been alleged that they are running this illegal network from Khurda Jail. Police have arrested some more youths of their gang after seizure of the mobile. The police have taken in remand the accused to collect more information while the investigation is in progress.

Report: Prashant Kumar Sahu, Khurda Reporter

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