Bride flies to her wedding venue along heavy flood, Shares marriage pic that goes viral

Here is an inspiring incident that took place on Saturday in Australia. A bride, who lost hopes whether she can reach her wedding venue due to heavy flood, finally made it to her marriage. And she posted a marriage photo on Twitter which went viral and earned huge likes and comments. Netizens loved and blessed the couple on social media.

Kate Fotheringham, a former journalist, slept Friday dreaming about her marriage and buoy, whom she would marry today. However, after she woke up in the morning on her marriage day she witnessed that rain fell overnight leading to catastrophic floods along Australia’s populous east coast. She found her trapped inside her parents’ home just outside the town of Wingham in New South Wales where her marriage would take place. The wedding venue was only a few minutes of drive for her home, yet due to the flood she could not think of driving.

The helpless would-be bride took to twitter seeking for help. Fortunately, a company answered her call and she was informed that Affinity Helicopters would be at her place to airlift her to the venue in 50 minutes. Although she was very happy and hopeful, she still could not believe. However, the copters came on time, airlifted her, who was in ceremonial bridal attire and dropped her at the wedding venue in Wingham. They flew over the flooded streams and managed to land at the wedding venue and were merely 15 minutes late.

Besides, she had some other issues as well due to the flood. Her makeup artist and caterer could not reach the venue due to flood. But fortunately, while another caterer agreed to take over the assignment she managed to wear the make up with help from her friends.

And finally, Kate Fotheringham posted a photo, where she was seen posing with her life partner and gave the update. The post was poured with huge good wished from netizens.

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