Bhubaneswar: Class IV student financially supports family by selling eggs, watch

The kid studies in the School and also helps his mother in selling eggs while he himself plucks flowers and sells to earn

Bhubaneswar: A Class IV student financially supports his family by selling eggs in Bhubaneswar. While he attends classes, simultaneously he also sells flowers to earn some money for the family. Kalinga TV reporter Raja came across the boy on the streets of Bubaneswar and observed his activities and interacted with him and his mother when the fact came out.

Our reporter recently was going to collect news when he saw that a child was riding a bicycle. There were five to seven egg trays tied to his bicycle. There were bags hanging on both sides of the handle. Yet, the unusual scene was along with this he was carrying a school bag on his back. He was slowly riding the bicycle while a woman was also walking along with the kid. She was holding a small gas stove in her hand. Our reported wanted to know more about the boy and hence followed him.

The boy and the woman reached the Bhubaneswar-Puri main road. Then the boy took out the things from the bicycle and arranged them on a table that had been kept by the side of the road. He decoratively kept the egg trays and other things. And then, before we could interact with him, he cycled away.

Our reporter went there at around 11 pm on the next day. He saw that the boy had set on the side of the road. There was a text book in his hand. He was trying to read from the book banking on the street light. He was feeling drowsy, but he was looking around to shake off the sleep.

After some time, the kid got up from there and tied the egg trays and other things together on his bicycle. And the boy and the woman started moving on the road back to home. This time, there was also a young girl with them.

Now, our reporter went near the three and enquired about them. The boy informed that his name is Suryakanta Nayak. He studies in class IV.  He also informed that his father passed away about eight to nine months ago. As his father was the only earning member in the family, after his demise his wife came forward to run the family. Along with her household chores, she started a small business. She started selling eggs on the roadside in the evening hours. As she can’t do all the works to run the business, Suryakant helps her run the egg business.

In tearful eyes the small boy asked,”if we don’t work, what will we eat? Besides, we need to give the house rent, tuition fee and house expenses.” And the small kid is required to do all these works in this tender age. It was seen that though young, the burdens of the family have made him a little older in experience.

Suryakant said, “I don’t have time and scope to look at my age because I have to look after the family. Following death of his father the Class IV standard boy has taken many responsibility.

He is struggling to take care of the family. He studies at the day time and helps his mother in her small business. By the time he goes to bed, it is late at night.”

The boy also informed that he gets up early in the morning and plucks flowers. He then sells it by the side of the road. He also gives flowers from house to house in a nearby apartment.

Surya’s mother said that due to her husband’s illness, she spent a lot of money on his treatment but he did not survive. Lakhs of rupees were borrowed for treatment.

They also spent the money that had been saved for marriage of their daughter. As the money has been spent now the marriage of the girl has been stopped.

It is unbelievable to hear that at this age the kid is working so much and taking care of his family. No matter how much we admire his patience and courage and hard work, it will be less.

Herewith we request people to come forward to donate some money to the family so that the boy can continue his studies.

Here is details of the boy’s mother’s bank account:

Babita Nayak, Account No. 4916101000950, Canara Bank, Samantarapur Branch, Bhubaneswar, Odisha IFSC Code CNRB0004916

Report: Raja, Bhubaneswar

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