Bereft of trees, weaver birds nest on live electric wires!


Weavers bird nest on electric wiresBy Tazeen Qureshy

Berhampur: Childhood memories of weaver birds (Baya bird) weaving their nests with utmost care and precision are still fresh. But over the years, deforestation and shrinking greenery have minimized nesting options for these birds, so much so that a few weaver birds were recently spotted building their nests on live electric wires in Berhampur.

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The weaver birds build their nests around June and July, signaling the commencement of the monsoon. While they prefer tall and thorny trees for building nests, the number of nests has drastically come down due to the decline in the number of trees.

As per a research atudy by an NGO, bird watchers have spotted only 880 weaver birds in the country in a week’s time. While efforts have been made for  conservation of the species, in reality, the birds continue to be in the endangered category.

(With inputs Rabindranath Dakua)

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