Beauty queen likely to make foray into politics


Keeping in view the upcoming general election in 2019, many aspirants have shown their anxiety in politics. Even, some of them have earned attention of the major political parties. Kalpasa Ankita Shaw from Balasore is a gorgeous girl who has received many awards as a beauty queen. Even her portrait has been exhibited in an Australian art gallery. Besides, she is also known as a social worker. She is the chief functionary of a charitable Trust that works for the development of unprivileged people. The beautiful lady has been witnessed visiting orphanages to spend some quality time with the inmates. As per reports, some local political biggies think that if she would be provided a chance to contest under their party ticket, she might be an asset to the party. We talked to the beauty queen to know about her political ambition.

We heard you are likely to join politics? Is it true?

There is no firm plan yet. Many opportunities are there. Honestly, I don’t know much about politics. However, definitely, I want to do something for society. Let’s see.

What is Politics according to you?

For me, politics is a helping hand for the welfare of the people.

What is your view on Odisha CM Naveen Pattanaik?

He is the real hero of our state. I really admire him and his personality a lot. He is really remarkable. The best quality of Naveen sir is — he never says negative things for other politicians or parties. He is trying to develop our state. I feel Naveen sarkar has transformed Odisha. Besides, when it comes to education, the first name that comes to my mind is Dr. Achyuta Samanta, the founder of KIIT and KISS. His effort has made Odisha an educational hub.

Who is your favourite political leader?

All leaders are good in their own ways. I admire all of them. Every leader has a unique way of leadership and style of doing works. However, for me, my nation comes first. So I appreciate all the good works of our PM Narendra Modi Ji and so he is one of my most favourites. I adore him because he is our PM.

If you join politics, what change you would like to bring?

I want to do many developmental things that people want. I may not be able to bring changes but for sure I will try to do something to enhance the sense of humanity within us.

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