Skin care, diet and fitness secrets of beauty queen Kalpasa

“If you feel good you look good”, says the glamour girl

With a perfect skin tone and enchanting grey-blue eyes, she looks, talks and moves elegantly. Meet beauty queen Kalpasa Ankita Shaw from Balasore. The gorgeous chic has many awards to her credit including the Miss Balasore in 2012, Miss Odisha Perfect and Miss Photogenic in 2013. Probably, she is the first Odia girl whose portrait found a place at the Australia Art Gallery. She is the brand ambassador for Aroma Naturals beauty brand. In an exclusive interview with Kalinga TV the beauty queen reveals her beauty secrets. Excerpts:

Kalpasa Ankita Shaw

“I am blessed with silky and healthy hair as well as bloomy skin genetically. Yet, I follow a healthy lifestyle to keep up my beauty. I always prefer homemade foods and stay away from alcohol and smoking. I love to eat fruits and vegetables. I drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and fresh.”

Here are some beauty tips from the glamour girl that you can follow to look beautiful:

Skin care routine

Kalpasa uses freshly crushed cucumber face mask and ice facial. She fights her skin problems by washing face regularly and using a suitable moisturiser.

Makeup secrets

The beauty queen always prefers to be natural. She opts toned down make up and sticks to shades of pink, peach and brown on her lips and cheeks as it suits her skin tone and complements her eyes.

Beauty philosophy

Kalpasa’s beauty philosophy has been yet elegant. She says, “It is important not to lose your personality in the name of beauty or fashion. Also, it’s very important to remain comfortable. For me fashion and make up is like art.

“The most important beauty tip is that be your best friend, enjoy being who you are and it’s important to be happy. If you feel good you look good. I am active and not lazy. Seriously, I have not seen the face of a gym ever. So far I have been fortunate but I think I should do a little bit of yoga,” she signs off.

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