‘Banaras pan’ in demand during Raja Festival in Odisha, watch

Kakatpur: The ‘Banaras pan’ (betel named Banaras) is in demand this Raja festival in Odisha. This special type betel is available in different places of Khordha, Puri and Cuttack district. In Kakatpur area of Puri, Banaras pan sold at Shashikant Sahu’s betel shop in the Tulashipur market area has been liked by people. A report.

When Raja festival comes in the month of June, everyone in Odisha love to have some ‘podapitha’ while girls want to play in the swing. However, besides these, there is another attraction, the Raja pan, or betel especially made during Raja festival. The taste of Raja Pan is unique.

These days Raja festival is being observed in Odisha. Yesterday was pahili Raja and today is Raja Sankranti. On this occasion, cakes and pies (pitha pana) are prepared in every household. If it is not made in a family kitchen, these days many families are buying it from the market. Special cakes and pies are available in the market which are exceptionally prepared for Raja festival.

Besides, Raja pan is also available at different places during Raja festival. Even temporary stalls make and sale Raja pan only during this festival time in the year. Dressed in new clothes, girls are happily enjoying the festival.

The most unique thing during this Raja is the betel. Different types of betels are available during this time. Among them, the taste and aroma of Banaras pan is different and unique.

Shashikant Sahu’s Banaras pan in the Tulashipur market of Kakatpur area is in discussion. Customers are visiting her even from far places to have a Banaras pan. The ingredients of this pan is Cherry and cloves among others while forty different spices are also put in this pan. Anyone who has eaten this pan has come here to eat one more time.

Watch the video here:

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