Azhar Masquqi: Who Feeds 1,000 Hungry Persons Daily

By- Md. Mojahid Raza

Bhubaneswar: There are many people in this world who learn to give others not because they have too much but because they know exactly the pain of having nothing. Azhar Masquqi from Hyderabad is one such person who feels that you cannot build a peaceful world on an empty stomach, starvation and human misery. He has been feeding thousands with freshly cooked food and has single-handedly doing this without any major support from outside.

Masquqi had started an initiative called ‘Hunger Has No Religion’ six years ago by supplying small packets of cooked food to feed the hungry poor. In due course, this grew into a large network which distributed free meals at many different places in Hyderabad city, feeding more than 1,000 people everyday. Despite hindrances and social criticism, Azhar has come a long way and now his efforts make a difference to many lives.

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It was in 2012 that Azhar’s life saw a major turning point when he came across a physically-challenged old woman begging and crying for food under the Chanchalguda flyover in Hyderabad city. Azhar was so moved by this sight that he gave his own tiffin to the wailing hungry woman.

Nevertheless, this episode left a lasting impression on Azhar’s mind and he made up his mind to do something about it. He decided to start an initiative to feed hungry people, using whatever little resources he had with him. He shared his feelings with his wife and mother who unreluctantly supported him and on the very next day, Azhar distributed 15 packets of food cooked by his wife to destitutes under the same flyover.

With every passing day, the number of hungry people increased. Despite shortage of means, Azhar continued feeding the hungry out of his own money and even hired a cook to prepare food in large quantities. At present, more than 1,000 people gather under the Chanchalguda flyover to receive food packets from Azhar.

During the intial years, Azhar used his own money but very soon help started pouring in from various sections of the society. However, Azhar accepts help but only in kind. Many of his friends, relatives and volunteers have joined him in his humanitarian task of feeding the hungry.

Pic Credit- The Better India


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After losing his father when he was a kid, Azhar had seen his mother struggle to make ends meet. There were times when they slept hungry at night. Azhar’s personal experiences have made him compassionate towards the hungry and the poor. Azhar knows the pain of hunger as he himself has experienced it first hand during childhood. He wants everyone to have food which is utmost essential for the sustenance of life.

People like Azhar show that charity begins at home. Hunger is not an issue of charity or giving but of compassion, empathy and care for others.

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