Ayurvedic orthopaedic clinic in Kulailo treats bone fractures at affordable cost: Watch

Cuttack: The Ayurvedic orthopaedic clinic in Kulailo under Athagarh block in Cuttack district of Odisha is very famous as it provides treatment for bone fractures at an affordable price. It is also said that patients after returning from big hospitals also have got proper treatment here.

Our country is the pioneer in the Ayurvedic treatment method. A clinic that adopts Ayurvedic method of treatment in Odisha has earned much glory. The Ananta Beura Ayurvedic Asthichikitsa seva sadan clinic in Kulailo has been managed by a family since last five generations.


The clinic is situated at a distance of five kilometres from Khuntuni on the National Highway no. 55. Situated at a distance of 8 km from Athagarh the clinic is visited by hundreds of patients from the nearby villages as well as from other states daily. Person of any age group or gender can receive treatment here.

The family that runs the clinic says that the clinic is actually run by the grace of the God. And there is a legend behind it for which they have adopted Alekh Mahima Dharma. Here the treatment is almost free of cost.


Raghunath Dalasinghar had started this clinic long ago. The medicinal plants, herbs and roots that are collected from the nearby forest are used as the medicines in the treatment of the patients in this clinic. The plants from which medicinal parts are collected are Saar madhia, Hada Kankali and Saal tree. The barks, leaves and roots of these plants are used as medicine here. It is believed that applying the herbs at this clinic joints the fractured bones. The physicians at this clinic begin their work every day with the name of God Dhanwantari, the Hindu God of medicine. Many people, who did not receive proper treatment at high end hospitals, have opined that they have received proper treatment here.

Treatment is provided Ayurvedic orthopedic clinic in Kulailo 24 hours and the cost of treatment is very low. The physicians also believe that though they treat with herbs actually the patients are healed by the grace of the God. And hence no big fee is required here for treatment.

A small amount of money is taken from the patient here that is spent towards the remuneration of the staff who provide treatment. Besides, the bamboo, cotton, bandage and some other materials needs some cost. In short, a patient needs to pay a meagre amount of  Rs 50 to 100 here for treatment. There is an X ray clinic and an Ayurvdic medicine store in the premises.

Night staying arrangement is available at Ayurvedic orthopedic clinic in Kulailo for outdoor patients and their attendants. These facilities are equipped with basic amenities. The people who want to stay for long days for treatment stay here. More than 30 staff members have been engaged here to provide treatment to the patients.


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