Auto driver successfully grows grapes in Salipur of Cuttack

Cuttack: Though it seems implausible considering the unsuitable climatic condition in the area an Auto driver has set an example by successfully growing grapes in his roof top in Salipur area in Cuttack district of Odisha. The luring clusters of grapes in his roof top garden have become the eye candy for the locals.

The man behind this successful grape farming is an auto driver by profession but by passion he is a gardener. His passion and his dedication is what got him so far with his grapevines. His grown grapevines have become popular in the area and people are seen crowding the place to get a glimpse of the luring grape clusters.

This beautiful grapevine is in Bahugram village in Salepur of Cuttack District, and the maker of the garden is Abhay Kumar Muduli. Even though his livelihood and family depends on him being an auto driver it is his heart’s desire and passion in doing gardening. Since he lives in a small house he lacks space for grape farming. And hence he has used the space in front of his house and the roof top for the grape farming.

Muduli has been doing gardening for a while now. Yet, so far the centre of attraction of his garden was the flowers and the other fruits. But now the clusters of grapes have become the new eye candy of his garden.
He has been working on his garden for the last four years and he had been planting the grape plants even since but there was no result so his hard work, but this year finally his hard work paid off and he got a fruitful result back. On his roof, the grape vines are sparkling. The grape vines are now luring everyone.

Generally, you won’t find cultivation of grapes in this area of the region but recently it has been found on the rooftop of Abhay’s garden. This has given the researchers a subject to research on about the factors like why grapes can’t grow in this region. It is also being believed that now it is possible to cultivate grapes here.

However, according to the elderly farmers Abhay has not yet received the support of the Government but if the Government decide to support Abhay, then cultivation of grapes in this region is possible.
It is said and believed that where there is will there is a way. One who wishes and decides to do something and puts in hard work they can surely achieve it and Salepur’s Abhay has achieved it as the happiness can be seen on his face.

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