Aarif Khan: The Dehradun Man Who Broke His Ramzan Fast To Save A Life

Dehradun: Ramzan is the holiest month for Muslims. Every dutiful believer of Islam aspires to fast for 30 days in order to get divine blessings from Allah and happiness and success. However, the 39-year-old Aarif Khan did something extraordinary during Ramzan. He broke his fast to save the life of another human being, who was a complete stranger to him.

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Aarif saved the life of 20-year-old Ajay Bilaswalan from Dehradun who was suffering with leprosy and whose health conditions were deteriorating with every passing minute. His platelet count fell to 5,000 per micro-litre of blood. Now the only way to save his life was transfusion of blood into his body.

Ajay’s parents frantically started searching for people who could donate A+ blood for their son. Ajay’s father took to social media and shared his ordeal, urging people for help. It was at this point that Aarif Khan, who is the President of National Association for Parents and Students’ Rights noticed the matter and immediately contacted Ajay’s family.

As a part of medical procedure, he was asked to eat something before donating blood. It was a state of dilemma for him as he was fasting and observing ‘roza’. However, saving a life was more important and thus he broke his fast, ate food and donated blood to save Ajay’s life.

Pic Credit- EENADU India

Aarif says that he puts humanity first as helping needy is the essence of Islam. He feels that it is an honour for him that he was able to save somebody’s life. After the blood transfusion, Ajay was out of danger and doctors said that it is only a matter of time before he recovers.

Aarif Khan’s noble act shows that humanity is the biggest religion which encompasses all the Individuals, tying them with the invisible bonds of love, care, compassion and kindness. A true human being is one who puts humanity and humanism above everything else.

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