9 virtual Valentine’s Day ideas for long distance relationships

New Delhi: The goal of long-distance virtual dating is not frivolous or pointless. Virtual dates assist long-distance lovers by improving bonding and encouraging trust and communication that extends beyond physical proximity.

Here are nine virtual date ideas that you can use to ensure that your entire set-up is balanced. Any distractions, such as a cell phone, must be kept out of sight and out of mind so that you can be fully immersed.

Virtual pillow talk

Get a rush of powerful oxytocin, the love hormone, with a virtual pillow talk that can develop benevolence and deepen the concupiscent connection with your partner even if you are thousands of miles apart. Conversation is at the heart of great pillow talk, so incorporate more passionate language while avoiding self-censorship. Engaging in an unconscious intrigue conversation can amplify your desires and make you feel incredibly connected to your partner.

Virtual candlelight dinner

Create an intriguing virtual candlelight dinner because it is the most romantic and amorous date one can have with their partner. Create an atmosphere filled with candlelight to assist you in casting meaningful intentions towards your partner. It will set a romantic tone with its gentle lighting. Cook some drool-worthy victuals, make a cheese platter, and pour yourself some wine that will potentially go along with your candlelight date, and devour it with your beau or belle in the quaint solitude of your home.

Psychic reading

It’s time to have some fun by exploring and connecting with your partner’s hidden intuition about the relationship via a virtual tarot reading. Take these readings lightly, but a quick fortune reading will make you both visionary and futuristic, and can lead you both into a dynamic conversation about your life purpose, hopes, and dreams.

Unwind with Artsy

This is more than just emoticons and basic video chats. Going all creative with your partners is a life elixir that increases levels of intimacy. So gather your painting brush, easel, and paints and prepare for an artistic moment. Painting a canvas with your bae will strengthen your bond and bring you closer together. You don’t have to be a good artist; the goal is to celebrate both your own and your partner’s self-expression.

A spooky virtual trip

Hunting panorama is designed for couples who want to share an adrenaline-pumping experience. It’s fun to instill irrational fear in your partner when you’re together because it gives you both a delightful glimpse of how you and your partner are devoted-to-togetherness and compassionately strive to solace each other during the most trying times.

Become a mixologist

Take virtual mixology lessons from a virtual bartender who can virtually guide you through cocktail-making lessons; it is the most enjoyable way to grasp a tantalising long distance drink date. Making some out-of-the-ordinary boozy cocktail drinks is a huge morale booster because it increases your bond with your partner. Pour yourself a cautious cup of beverage and avoid a binge!

Virtual bonfire

You can plan a nature-themed virtual event that has the potential to create a bewitching and enchanting experience. Warm yourself by the light of a few small fires. Grab some coca and marshmallows and ask your partner what negative thoughts they’d like to burn in the bijou flame. Burn those evil thoughts and ideas that are harmful to your relationship together.

Virtual Nature Walk

Time spent in the wilderness reveals some hidden sides e it is extremely valuable. A romantic, virtual stroll through the woods together to connect with mesmerising nature is a “intimacy enhancer” that you should not miss! Walk through with a calm demeanour and silence, and command those inevitable steep slopes with great zeal. A stroll through virtual nature will help you both in “relieving worries about life’s potholes and making you enjoy the journey immensely.”

Grab a sunrise coffee

The combination of an aphrodisiac, delicious coffee and a sunrise is pure bliss. Coffee is a powerful temptress that can elevate your mood and arouse your sensual desires. This is for couples looking for an affective twirl from their partners first thing in the morning. If you want to embrace your valentine with devotion the next day in the morning after a perfect date night, you can virtually chat with your partner while brewing a plentiful cup of coffee to sip. You can also experiment with different combinations of blends. With this, you can be completely nostalgic and reminisce about your valentine date night memories while also witnessing the early morning sunrise.

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