8 healthy eating options for those who dislike green vegetables

Even though there is much debate surrounding nutrition, almost everyone agrees that increasing your intake of veggies can benefit your health and well being. Many individuals find it difficult to eat veggies because they are difficult to get and don’t taste all that great. They can even taste plain bad. In a taste test, when given the choice between a side of fries and raw broccoli, the side of fries will easily prevail. How can you begin consuming more vegetables, then?

Therefore, even if you dislike green veggies, here are 8 strategies to eat healthily.

Focus on snacks with just one ingredient
Focus on eating specific foods to ensure you are enjoying a nutrient-rich snack, like apples, whether it is a fruit, nut, or any protein.

Choose simpler ingredients
Instead of making elaborate salads, choose for dishes that require fewer ingredients and merely require reheating before eating, such as boiled grains. Additionally, you can eat hard-boiled eggs.

Low-carb bread
If you consume a balanced diet but dislike brown bread, multigrain bread, or other types of bread. However, stay away from white bread as it is highly processed.

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolates are another food that might help you choose a nutritious diet devoid of vegetables. They are a potent antioxidant source. But make sure it contains 75% cocoa.

Like green beans, kidney beans, and lentils, they are a plant-based source of protein, iron, and fibre.

A small serving of potatoes will help you feel fuller for longer. They have additional minerals like potassium in them.

If you don’t eat vegetarian or vegan food, unprocessed meat is a terrific addition to a balanced diet. While being low in fat and calories, chicken croissants are also filled in protein.

Sea food
Omega-3 fatty acids and iodine are found in seafood, including shrimp and other fish, making it very healthful and nourishing.

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