7 Tips To Lead A Happy, Stress Free Life

Bhubaneswar: In today’s time, most of us are suffering from stress of some kind. There are people who feel bogged down by work pressure while others are struggling to find a balance between work and leisure. Furthermore, there are also people who are suffering from psychological issues like trauma, hypertension and bouts of anxiety. Stress kills the zest for life and makes one feel miserable and dejected. It not only impacts the mental health of a person but also affects the physical health and well being.

Every person desires to be stress free, despite the perils of daily life . Here are a few simple tips which will help you fight stress and live a happy life.

  • Meditation
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Meditation is a process of making the mind free from disturbing thoughts. It is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience that teaches one to let the mind calm and wander free. Studies have proven that meditation and yoga can significantly reduce stress. Deep breathing, visualization and concentration will soothe your senses, leading to rumination or mind control and a stress free living.

  • Sleep and Rest
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Due to stressful work lives, most of us are sleeping less and less. Anxiety disorder and hypertension are on rise and people are facing difficulties in getting proper sleep. Stress may lead to sleep-related disorders like sleep apnea and in serious cases, insomnia. On an average, every human being requires 6-8 hours of sleep for a fresh mind. Then it becomes easier to focus on what is happening around us and to function smoothly. This is crucial to fight fatigue and helps in reducing the stress level.

  • Hobbies/Recreation
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Music, films, theatre, painting, concerts, television, sports, shopping, travel can all be regularly spaced out into your life to provide the much needed diversion from stresses of daily living. They may mentally block out stress and provide a refreshing and safe outlet that enables the body and mind to regain balance and negate the ill effects of stress.

  • Eat Right
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What you eat may encourage or relieve stress. Eating at regular times and avoiding sugars and fats are very necessary for keeping stress at bay. If you are stressed out and need a break from anxiety, try foods low in fat and protein and high in complex carbohydrates for a calming effect. If you´re looking to concentrate your energy to help get you through a stressful day, look for food that enhances alertness.

  • Maintain a Diary
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If you are afraid of being judged by other people when you pour your feelings out to them, then a personalized way to vent your thoughts and emotions is by keeping a diary. Going through the diary may give you peace and the ability to look back, in retrospect and realize how trivial or petty certain problems are.

  • Laugh
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Laughter reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body. It increases the level of health-enhancing and antibody-producing cells enriching the body´s immune system. As a physical and emotional release, laughter distracts us from guilt, shame, anger and other negative emotions while connecting us to those around us. So laugh away your blues and your tensions.

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  • Love Yourself
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Love yourself and learn to live with your flaws. Nobody is perfect in this world. Comparing oneself with others often leads to dejection and a low self-esteem, which increase stress levels. Never underestimate your potential. Believe that you can achieve all that you set out to if you work conscientiously. Do not worry or get upset over small details. Take them in your stride and move forward. Relax, breath easy and smile as often as you can.

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