7 important tips on how to keep your money in the bank account safe

How to keep your bank account safe?

Many of you might have received fraudulent phone calls. These callers are unknown persons. However, they ask your bank details posing as an official of the bank. If you haven’t received such calls then so far consider yourself lucky! Because you will be stunned after knowing the dreadful consequences of these phone calls.


Recently, in a reply to RTI State Bank of India (SBI) has confirmed that as much as Rs 7,951.29 crore involving 1,885 cases of fraudulent activities have come to light from April 2018 to December 2018.

The nation’s largest and most trusted financial institution where people keep their lifetime investments believing it to be the safest place has also fallen prey to online frauds. Well, your money is safe at the bank, but due to increase rate of cybercrimes, your money can be robbed from your bank account itself if you will be slight careless in your approach.

Use of technology

Nowadays due to the advancement of technology cybercrimes are on the rise across the globe. Robbers have identified different techniques to loot common mass by hacking their bank accounts.

In this article, we will tell you about seven extremely important factors that you must avoid to save yourself from falling victim to online frauds.

  • Phone calls

You may get phone calls from a stranger who will introduce himself/herself to be the employee of the state bank and may ask you your account details for official purposes. Remember bank never ever ask your personal details, so whenever you get such calls never disclose any of your bank related details.

  • Try to win your trust

To build a base of trust on you towards the caller, he may tell your personal details correctly such as date of birth, phone number. It’s only a technique of the hackers to make you believe that the concerned person is an employee of the bank.

  • Make you feel afraid

The hackers sometimes will try to weaken your psychology by stating that if you don’t follow his instructions then your account or card will be blocked.

  • Ask Debit card details

After scaring you, their next technique is to ask your debit card number and account number. He will assure you that if you will share your details your account will be protected.

  • Upgrade Debit card

It had happened that people have shared their debit card details to strangers. Here the hacker says that they need the card number for debit card up-gradation. This became easy for hackers to hack your account.

  • Never share OTP (One Time Password)

After getting your bank account details the hackers will ask you the OTP that has come to your number. In such cases, you never have to share any OTP that you have received on your mobile number.

  • Never share your bank details

These are some of the common techniques that cybercriminals use in hacking bank accounts. Hence, it’s advisable to never share any of your bank details to any person on phone calls.

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