6 Things You Can Do On A Rainy Day

Here is a list of things you can do on a Rainy day to keep yourself happy and Content

Bhubaneswar: Rains are magical and they make everything look beautiful. The sound of rains drop have an uncanny prowess to soothe a tired soul. After months of nerve-wracking heat and humidity, rains come as a big relief in our lives. The monsoon season has a very special place in the heart of every Individual. It is like a happy season where there are smiles all around and everybody has a reason to be happy.

The Rainy season is also a season of love and romance.  The weather is cool, mild and pleasing. No wonder all our Bollywood films and epic novels speak of rains as a time when love is in the air. While some can’t get enough of rains, there are others who feel trapped during rainy days and think that rains play spoilsport to their plans, confining them within the four walls of their bedroom. But there are ways in which one can make the most of this beautiful season while being indoors.

Here are 6 things which you can do to enjoy the magical monsoon rains and make your time truly memorable.

  • Take A Rain Shower-

We all love getting drenched in the rain. There is no doubt that we all loved dancing in the rain as kids. However, one is never too old to try things which remind us of our childhood and rejuvenates our souls. So go ahead and step out in the rain to feel the magic of the little drops of joy.

  • A Long Drive-

Rains, Long drive and soft music- the combination is too irresistable. Long drive on a rainy day can be no less than a therapy. There is no joy greater than going on a long drive in a rainy day with your favourite romantic songs playing in the background. This is a beautiful experience which every person must try during a rainy day.

  • Savour Hot Pakodas And Tea-

With heavy downpour outside, there can be no better way to spend a rainy day other than catching up with friends, siblings and family over hot pakodas and tea. And if you are one of those who love solitude, you can just grab a handful of pakodas with tea, sit near a window and enjoy the serene view of the rain outside.

  • Grab A Book Or Watch Movies-

Rains are a blissful time for bibliophiles. If you are a book lover and have nothing much while being indoors on a rainy day, you can just pick up your favourite book and immerse yourself in its pages. On the other hand, if books aren’t your thing and movies excite you more, you can start a movie marathon indoors and watch your favourite films in a single go.

  • Photography-

If you have a fondness for photography, then a rainy day is the perfect time to bring out that camera which has been lying in the closet for a while now. The magic of rain percolates down to everything around- plants exude greenery, views become more scenic, buildings appear marvellous and the sky becomes a canvas of dark clouds which are nothing less than a treat for a photographer.

  • Gardening-

You love flowers and you have a fondness for plants. But, the perils of everyday life spare you no time to look after your garden which is lying uncared, with no flowers in sight. However, plants get a life-boon during rains and it is a time when you can plant your favourite flowers, weed out wild grass and take care of your garden to restore its original glory.

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