6 Scientific Reasons Why Men Should Grow Beards

New Delhi: Beards have gained huge popularity with men all over the world. They are used as a way to make a personal statement and help shape the individual’s style. However, not everyone is convinced that growing a beard is a good thing.

There are many people who think that beards are just plain cool, but there are many others who feel beards are just ‘uncool.’

If you belong to the second category, then here are some surprising scientific reasons explaining the advantages of growing a beard.

  • Builds Confidence:

Study has proven that beard gives a man a sense of power and confidence that is readily evident to everyone around him.

Therefore, making the decision to grow a beard is a way for a man to set a higher standard for his life and become more successful.

  • Hides Wrinkles:

A Beard makes sure your face is less exposed to the sun. With age, men tend to develop wrinkles on the face. But these wrinkles can be hidden by growing a beard.

Thus, if you want your face to look youthful and wrinkle-free, you should get on board and start growing their beards right now.

  • Makes You Look Attractive:

The researchers at the University of Queensland concluded that women find men with facial hair more attractive than clean-shaven ones, and think they make better partners in the long run. Science also says that men who grow a beard are likely to get more attention than men who don’t

Another study done by a dating site concluded 60 percent of women found men with facial hair attractive. Not just this, almost 50 percent of the participants chose men with a beard and moustache as ideal partners.

  • Blocks UV Rays:

Thick beards are capable of blocking out 95 percent of the UV rays from the sun. Not only do beards prevent your skin from getting burnt but they also help to protect your skin from getting cancer.

  • Prevents Acne:

Shaving leads to irritation and ultimately to rashes but growing a beard will totally save you from the acne trouble. Thus, if you are fed up of acne and other skin disorders, then you should put down the razor and start growing a beard

  • Keeps Your Skin Moist:

Shaving leads to opening your pores in the skin and can cause cuts that can lead to dryness. In summers and winters, the pores can make your skin lose the moisture. For that to end, grow a beard to avoid all these issues and ensure a healthy looking skin.

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