5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Green Coffee, from weight loss to preventing cancer

Most people often start their day with a cup of tea or coffee to feel instantly energized and stay supercharged all through the day. Coffee especially is the most preferred beverage, across the globe. With a wide range of coffee varieties available in the market, many diet enthusiasts however are discovering the health benefits of green coffee. From boosting the metabolism to beating stress, reducing weight to lifting mood, green coffee can help one feel active and refreshing.

Regular coffee beans are generally roasted  and processed to produce the powder, which also changes the bean’s taste, aroma, colour, and nutrient concentration. Green coffee on the other hands doesn’t go through the roasting process and is grounded completely raw, thus packs with a huge volume of chlorogenic acids, which is thought to deliver a ton of health benefits.

Moreover, green coffee contains less caffeine as compared to the regular roasted coffee. Read more to learn about its incredible health benefits.

Promotes Weight Loss

Evidence reveals that the presence of chlorogenic acid in green coffee can help the body to burn glucose and fat, lower the absorption of carbs, prevent blood sugar spikes, and maintain lipid profile under control. Regular consumption of green coffee is beneficial in triggering metabolism, burning fat, and maintain a healthy weight.

Controls Blood Pressure

Green coffee has shown to remarkably decrease blood pressure as it helps dilate the blood vessels for a healthy blood circulation. It reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to elevate blood pressure, and optimizes heart health. Consumption of green coffee on a daily basis is valuable to keep the blood pressure under control.

Prevents Cancer

Green coffee is a powerhouse of essential nutrients and antioxidants that helps combat free radicals damage in the body. ‘Free radicals’ are what seeks to increase the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. Studies have also shown that chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans can help prevent the formation of tumour cells and the risk of certain types of cancer.

Consists Anti-Ageing Properties

Being inherently rich in chlorogenic acids, which holds antioxidant properties, it promotes the regeneration of new skin cells, and conceal fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, green coffee extracts are also widely used in skincare essentials like Sunscreens and blemish healing skincare products.

Boosts Mood

As mentioned before green coffee is rich in antioxidants, it helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The richness of caffeine increases the release of dopamine, which is believed to help uplift mood, and brain function. Moreover, it also helps to improve blood circulation which improvises one’s athletic performance and endurance.

Side Effects

Although, green coffee is safe to consume for most healthy adults in moderate amounts,  excess intake may lead to negative impacts such as anxiety, insomnia, and increased blood pressure.

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