5 healthy foods for glowing skin

Skincare and glowing skin are not just about the products we use, but also about our food habits and our lifestyle choices. This is also true that cleansers and lotions do offer us healthy skin. However, getting good skin also depends on the best foods present on your plate.

Here are the 5 foods that will help your skin glow:

  • Tomatoes

If you are facing an acne problem then eat tomatoes. This can help to clear up your acne. Tomato also helps to boost collagen strength and fights off the oxidizing effect of UV rays by eliminating skin-ageing free radicals. Thus, tomatoes can protect from sun damage and make the skin clear and even smoother.

  • Carrots

The beta carotene present in Carrots can protect skin from the sun.  Carrots are also rich in vitamin A.   It plays a vital role in reducing the development of skin cancer cells and make skin smoother. This is because it can restore damaged collagen.  Apart from skin health benefits carrots are also good for the eyes.

  • Blueberries

Blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants. These properties can help fight cell-damaging free radicals. Berries have the natural ability to fight off free radicals diminishes. It can turn leads to higher levels that can have a detrimental impact upon our skin cells. When our body has more free radicals our skin cells begin to weaken and show signs of ageing.

  • Safflower oil

The rich source of Vitamin E, in safflower, plays a major player when in glowing skin.  This antioxidant property plays a role in skin health by decreasing collagen breakdown, it also helps to prevent and repair damage from UV exposure, and decrease skin inflammation.

  • Oranges

Oranges are rich in vitamin C; it is one of the most well-known fruits for glowing skin.  Orange also has some powerful antioxidants to protect the skin from oxidative stress including UV damage to the skin. It can stimulate the formation of the skin barrier, improves skin hydration, and improves wound healing.

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