5 health benefits of Star Fruit

Carambola, also known as star fruit, is native to tropical Southeast Asia. The scientific name of star fruit is  Averrhoa carambola. In Odia, the star fruit is called Karamanga . These fruits are of two main types i.e. sweet and tart. It has a  decent source of several nutrients which are beneficial for health  — especially fiber and vitamin C. This fruit can boost immunity, improve respiratory health and improve heart health as well.

Here are the 5 health benefits that we gain by consuming star fruits.

1.Prevents Inflammation

The star fruit is packed with vitamins and this cleanses our body of toxins, thus preventing inflammation. Star fruits also have anti-inflammatory qualities that help our skin conditions be better. Furthermore, star fruit builds up our tolerance for colds and strengthens against infections. So  Include star fruit in your diet to get benefits .

2.Good for the Heart

Star Fruit is rich in minerals like sodium and potassium, these minerals act as electrolytes in our body and can regulate blood pressure. Star fruit also contains calcium which is very beneficial for the heart. Healthy amounts of calcium can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases like strokes and cardiac arrests.

3. Fights Diabetes

Star fruit contains fruit fibre that helps check blood sugar and insulin level. The report says that eating food that is high in fibre can curb diabetes and can also actively help people who are already suffering from diabetes. It also helps to tackle high cholesterol and resulting in susceptibility to heart ailments.

4.Healthy Hair

If you want to have glowy skin and silky star fruit.  Star fruit is a wonderful fruit for the hair since it contains nutrients which the hair needs for maximum hair growth. This fruit also has a rich antioxidant, it includes vitamin B and C.This aids in healing skin and hair cells which leads to shining hair and glowing skin.

5.Regulates Weight

Star fruit is a fruit that has a low-calorie but high-fibre food. This makes the fruit exceptionally healthy.  Star fruit Being low in sugar makes it perfect to aid weight management. The rich fibre content makes our metabolism work fast, ensuring that it burns the calories quickly.

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