5 children die of diphtheria in Kashipur block of Rayagada, watch

Rayagada: The Kashipur Block of Rayagada district in Odisha is in discussion now after 5 children of Manuspadar village in this Block recently died of diphtheria. The health department is working day and night to find out the cause of this disease. Here is a ground zero report from Manuspadar.

Manuspadar village of Kashipur block is situated at a distance of about 100 km from Rayagada District headquarters. As many as 55 tribal families of the Penga community live in this village. The village is on the border of Thuamul-Rampur block of Kalahandi district. There is no road to the village.

After passing through Tikiri from Rayagada to D.Murka there is no more road. It is as if development has stopped after D. Murka village.

Kalinga TV Digital team reached this inaccessible village through a rocky road after crossing three ditches. People in this village are frightened following death of the five children in diphtheria.

On the 3rd day of this month it was observed that the children’s throats were swollen in Manuspadar. And later they succumbed to fever. It has been said that due to lack of awareness, the villagers initially took help of the sorcerer.

On 6th June, 9-year-old Purni Majhi passed away. 12-year-old Dashi Majhi passed away on the 8th, 6-year-old Narendra Majhi on the 9th, and Mahendra Majhi and Kaliram Majhi on the 11th.

Following death of these kids repeated meetings were held on behalf of the district health department and the disease was diagnosed. And efforts to eradicate the disease continue along with the diagnosis of the disease.

There are many problems in Manuspadar village. There is no road, no drinking water facility, no schools or anganwadi centers or electricity. People need to walk 15 km even to collect their widow or old age allowance. Besides, on rainy days, people in the village live a water-logged life.

After Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi tweeted about the incident in Manuspadar, health workers camped in the village. Health workers have visited the village to check the health of the children.

Vaccination was started in 18 villages of D. Murka Health Sub-centre of Dangasil Panchayat in Kashipur Block. On 24th June, Health Minister Mukesh Mahaling reviewed the incident virtually.

Meanwhile, diphtheria has spread to neighbouring Koraput and Kalahandi districts. An infected person from Bandhugan in Koraput district also died.

It has been alleged that people have died of starvation or cholera earlier in Kashipur Block. And now children died of diphtheria.

In this condition, the villagers have appealed the government to take appropriate steps for the betterment of the village.

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