20 city buses worth Rs 4 crore to turn into scrap soon in Odisha’s Koraput dist, watch

The buses have been dumped at the terminal in Jeypore

Jeypore: As many as 20 City buses worth about Rs 4 crore are likely to turn into scrap in Koraput district of Odisha. These buses have been dumped at the terminal, which has now become a safe place for the miscreants. This has been reported from Jeypore town of Koraput district.

As per reports, Odisha Government announced Mo Bus services for this district in the year 2014. The budget for this was a little more than Rs 4 crore. In the first phase 5 numbers of buses were sent to Koraput district. Later 20 buses were sent to Jeypore.

Later in 2016 the city bus service was officially started. The buses were plying from Jeypore to Koraput, Borigumma, Kotpad, Kundura, Pattangi, Sunabeda and Similiguda. This bus service was available to almost all blocks. The beneficiaries were quite happy. However, the joy was only for a short while.

There were 4 staff members in a bus. Many local young boys and girls had been employed for running of this bus service. However, only after a few months the buses needed repair and regular maintenance.

As per the notification fifty percent of the cost should be borne by the Government while the rest fifty percent should be borne by the party whic was running the bus service. However, it was alleged that the private party that was supposed to spend towards the maintenance of the buses, did not do so after a few months. And hence after a while the twenty buses turned into garbage.

It is still not clear why the district administration then did not take any action against the party that was running the bus services and supposed to pay for the maintenance.

Yet, whatever may be the case, now we can see that property of about Rs 5 crore is of no use. Many parts of the buses are either broken or stolen by miscreants. In fact, the terminal where these buses have been dumped has turned into a safe place for criminals. Anybody can find a number of beer bottles besides many other such questionable elements in the said area.

As per latest reports, since the bus could not be of any use a letter has been issued by the Housing and Urban Development Department of the State Government. Accordingly, these buses will be sold as scrap. In this notice directive has been issued to get compensation from the private party that was running the bus service. Of course, besides this notice there is no other action taken so far.

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