Witty Reply By Sonu Sood To Boy Who Demanded PlayStation, Wins People’s Hearts

Bhubaneswar: Engineer turned actor Sonu Sood has garnered praise in social media for his kind deeds during the crisis situation of the novel Coronavirus.

The actor has turned a Messiah for those who were stranded at various places during the lockdown. He has saved many people who were facing a lot of difficulty in the face of this pandemic.

The actor is now in news for his witty comment that he gave to someone who asked him for a PlayStation on his official twitter handle.  “Sir, can you please give a PS4. All children around me are enjoying the lockdown by playing games. Sonu sir, can you please help me,” demanded the user named Nilesh Nimbore.

Nimbore’s bio says he is a student of class 10 and it is noteworthy that the tweet was later deleted by the user.

Sonu Sood’s replied to the tweet in a tongue in cheek manner saying, “If you don’t have a PS4 then you are blessed. Get some books and read. I can do that for you.”

The witty actor further added, “Will get you all the books u need. Become an IAS. Work for the country. Make everyone proud. Kindly share your details.”

This reply has been praised by many users and widely shared on social media. Many users have added that the harm caused by video games is irreparable.

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