Britain’s Got Talent: This 11-Year-Old Girl’s Unforgettable Audition will blow your mind, watch

Arisxandra Libantino of the Philippines attended the season seven ‘BGT’ audition. Everyone including the audience and judges of Britain’s Got Talent gave her a standing ovation after hearing “One Night Only” by Jennifer Hudson from her.

Initially, Arisxandra Libantino seems nervous a bit as she introduced herself. However, she shocked everyone with her powerful voice so much so that Simon Cowell, who normally gives his judgments in the last, was forced to call Arisxandra “superhuman.” He questioned whether or not it was actually her singing. She insisted it was her singing through a laugh. “It’s one of the best auditions we’ve had so far,” added.

Adding to Simon, Amanda Holden said Arisxandra Libantino “You did literally lift the roof off of this building. It was absolutely incredible.”

“I think this is the clip they’ll show like in 10 years’ time when you’re like the biggest star in the world for like bigger than Beyonce or something but just when you are a big star, remember us, the little people,” reacted David Walliams.

“The judges have said you all. You have a gift and thank you for sharing with us today. You’re amazing.” Alesha Dixon commented before giving her ‘Yes’ to Arisxandra Libantino.

Subsequently, Arisxandra Libantino received four yes’s of the evening and moved to the Semi-Finals.

In the Semi-Final of Britain’s Got Talent, Arisxandra Libantino sang Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” David gave her a standing ovation for her powerhouse performance and she also advanced on to the Final.

Arisxandra Libantino sang “The Voice Within” by Christina Aguilera in the Final of Britain’s Got Talent but she finished the competition in eighth place.

Watch Arisxandra Libantino’s Unforgettable Audition at Britain’s Got Talent (Source YouTube: Britain’s Got Talent)

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