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Two Telengana Farmers Win The ‘Ki-Ki’ Challenge


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The ‘Ki-Ki’ challenge, became viral on internet after the release of singer-rapper Drake’s ‘My Feelings’. From commomers to celebrities, everyone took this challenge but nobody had imagined that two farmers from a non-descriptive village in Telengana will win in the end.

Anil Geela (24) and Pilli Tirupati (28), hailing from Lambadipalli village in Telengana’s Siddipet district have won the widely publicized ‘Ki-Ki’ challenge. A video featuring the duo dancing while ploughing a paddy field with bullocks has gone viral on social media, garnering more than 16 million views. They have been declared winners by Comedian and Host Trevor Noah who posted their video on his official Instagram handle. The video of Anil and Pilli was also shared by actor Vivek Oberoi.

The challenge video of Anil and Pilli was shot on August 1 and was posted on a YouTube page called ‘My Village Show’, run by movie director Sriram Srikanth. The duo revealed that it was Sriram’s idea to shoot the video in countryside because of police warnings. It was a fun thing to do but neither of them had the slightest of idea that the video would become viral on social media and go on to win the KiKi challenge.

The viral video has been reposted by many people on social media sites and is garnering appreciation from various spheres.

The KiKi challenge involved one to step out of a slowly moving vehicle and start dancing while their act is being filmed from inside the vehicle. This had alarmed the police authorities who had warned of stringent actions against those attempting the challenge, which might turn deadly any time.

Notably, while many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have attempted the KiKi challenge, the best one was by Hollywood legend Will Smith. Performed at scenic locations in Budapest, the video was shot using drones.