Sumona Chakravarti breaks silence on rumours of her quitting The Kapil Sharma Show

Actress Sumona Chakravarti has been part of The Kapil Sharma Show since its inception in 2013. Earlier, she played the character of Manju Sharma, Kapil’s wife. However, on the latest format her name was changed to Sarla Gulati, a girl deeply in love with her neighbour Kapil. Recently, there were rumours that TKSS might go off the air. Hence, the news of the actress leaving the show didn’t come as a shock to many. However, the news was later debunked.

Sumona’s current extravaganza, a travel-based programme called Shonar Bangla, was also believed to be one of the reason for the ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hai’ actress to leave the show. However, there was no concrete confirmation on these speculation.

Recently in an interview, Sumona was asked about the rumours and speculations, to which the actress firmly confirmed that she has not quit The Kapil Sharma Show nor does she have any intentions of doing so in the near future. She also said that the show Shonar Bangla was a month-long commitment, and she took up the show because she is Bengali and it matched her passion for travel. The programme will be aired in a series of ten episodes in the channel Zee Zest.

Sumona Chakravarti is born in Lucknow but she has spent most of her life in Mumbai.

She added to her statement that as a Bengali she has always heard the stories about her hometown, including the folklore and history of the state. However, the show gave her a chance to explore them in depth. She said that this show gave her a chance to get up close and personal to experience so much for the first time. Being able to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds has been surreal and a great learning experience for her”

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