Sorry! Not doing ‘Bigg Boss 15’, says Mahika Sharma, scotching rumours

Mumbai, Sep 27 (IANS) Actress Mahika Sharma has ruled out her participation in the upcoming reality show “Bigg Boss 15”, which is set to premiere on October 2. She was being touted by the media as one of the probable inductions into the “Bigg Boss 15” house presided over by Salman Khan.

Sharma said, “Each time ‘Bigg Boss’ show is announced, people ping me and ask me if I’m on it or not. My fans keep messaging me on my social media for the updates and many media friends keep calling me. I don’t want to break their heart, but still, I’m not doing the show. I was approached for it and even earlier for the OTT version, but I have not given it a thought.”

A former Miss Teen Northeast who garnered a lot of attention when she appeared in the popular sitcom “F.I.R.”, Sharma said she would love to be on ‘Bigg Boss’ only for Salman Khan. “I watch the show only on weekends, when Salman appears on it. I love the superstar and he will be the only reason for me to participated in the show in the future. I can anything for Salman Khan, I am so impressed by his aura.”

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