Sonu Sood shares helpline number for Odisha train accident victims’ families

Sonu Sood shared a dedicated helpline number, 9967567520, and encouraged affected victims of Odisha train tragedy to reach out to his team.

The recent devastating train accident in Odisha resulted in the deaths of 288 people and more than 1100 injuries, causing immense sorrow. In the midst of this grief, Bollywood actor and renowned philanthropist Sonu Sood has emerged as a beacon of hope for the affected families. The actor and his team have taken a bold step to support the victims and their families, as showcased in a heartfelt video shared online.

In an Instagram video, Sonu expressed his commitment to the victims of the accident by assisting them in rebuilding their lives. He highlighted his efforts to help them establish sustainable businesses and provide educational support. Additionally, he mentioned that his team is actively working to secure employment opportunities for the affected families.

Sonu also shared a dedicated helpline number, 9967567520, and encouraged affected victims to reach out to his team via SMS. He also added that his team will promptly respond and offer the necessary support.


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Through his compassionate efforts, Sonu aimed to help families devastated by the Odisha railway disaster regain stability and resilience. By restoring hope and bringing back smiles, he strives to transform their lives for the better.

The Bollywood star has assisted numerous people since the COVID-19 outbreak engulfed the country. Throughout the second wave of the pandemic, the actor kept in touch with those who were in need. The Bollywood star not only wins hearts on screen with his grand films but also with his very kind heart.

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