Shah Rukh Khan’s doppelganger leaves fans confused

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has a new doppelganger on the Internet, and he is the spitting image of the actor.

Ibrahim Qadri, the man is not only a lookalike of King Khan but also a hardcore fan. The entertainer often shares videos and photos of him imitating the star.

Recently, Official Humans Of Bombay took to its official Instagram page to share several pictures of Ibrahim along with his story. In the post the digital creator platform mentioned how having the same looks as SRK changed the life of his doppelganger.

The note on the post read, “I was never one who paid too much attention to my looks. But my looks were often brought to my attention by my family & friends – ‘You look like Shahrukh Khan!’ My parents were especially proud of the fact that they gave birth to a kid who had an uncanny resemblance to India’s superstar. I couldn’t help the attention I got & frankly, when puberty hit, I started looking exactly like SRK! And that’s when the madness began.”

Take a look:

Ibrahim also revealed that he usually gets mobbed by SRK’s fans asking him for selfies thinking the real star has come. There have been times when he was held on to by a fan so bad that he had to call the police to rescue him. The story further read, “To see people so enthusiastic to meet me every day made me want to take my SRK persona seriously & become his doppelganger. And so I started watching all his movies & copying his mannerisms. In understanding SRK, I also got mesmerized by how charming, kind & big-hearted our Badshah of Bollywood is. And those are qualities I try to imbibe in myself too.”

The uncanny resemblance between Ibrahim and SRK has left fans confused who is real.


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