#SackDadlaniFromIndianIdol trends after Vishal Dadlani calls CJI Gogoi ‘disgraceful’

Mumbai: Music composer Vishal Dadlani is being slammed by a section of netizens over his controversial tweet on former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi’s retirement.

“Goodbye, ex-CJI Gogoi, and I hope you can stomach the disgraceful and cowardly legacy you have left this august Office,” Vishal had tweeted.

This did not go down well with a section of Twitterati. They are criticising Vishal on social media, demanding his removal from the jury panel of “Indian Idol”.

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One social media user wrote: “Dear Vishal Dadlani , your hate for beloved PM Modi has blindfolded you and resultantly you have become anti Hindu, Hindu Hater so much so that you are unjustifying the Supreme Court judgement of Ram mandir decision. Shame on you. #SackDadlaniFromIndianIdol.”

Another user called Vishal a “cheap” for passing demeaning remarks on Gogoi.

After such tweets, #SackDadlaniFromIndianIdol started trending on Twitter.


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