Ranu Mandol’s Star Tantrums: Fans Irked #Watch

Ranu Mandol’s Star Tantrums: Ranu Mandol, who was given a chance by Himesh Reshammiya to sing in his film, after he heard her in a viral video where she was singing at a railway station. She is in the news yet again for the wrong reasons this time. In a viral video, Mandol is seen getting upset with a fan who tapped her on her hand to ask for a selfie.

Mandol reprimanded the woman and said, “Iska matlab kya hai? (What does this mean)” while mimicking what the woman did. However, the woman didn’t say anything and just smiled for the selfie.

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Ranu Mandol’s Star Tantrums did not go well. Social media users commented on the viral video and questioned Ranu Mandol’s high-headed behaviour. people took to Twitter to criticize her commenting,  “Don’t touch me, I’m celeb now”. Some said, “We made her a celebrity and now see her attitude.” another user wrote, “Really sad we all Twitterati supported her when her station video came, see her behaviour after becoming a celebrity. Such an insult of any fan is pathetic.” Many others slammed Mandol for her apparent rude behavior. This has been a trending topic of discussion on almost all social media platforms but as they say, “any publicity is good publicity”.

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