Rakhi Sawant thanks Salman Khan for her mother’s cancer treatment

Mumbai: “Bigg Boss 14” housemate Rakhi Sawant has thanked Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and his brother, actor Sohail Khan, for pitching in with support for her mother Jaya’s cancer treatment.

Rakhi posted a few clips of her mother in the hospital. In the clip, Rakhi is heard saying in Hindi: “Today is my mother’s operation for cancer and I am so happy. Now, you don’t have to take any more tension mom. Cancer will be out of your body permanently.”

Rakhi’s mother Jaya then thanked Salman for the support he has shown.

“I would like to say namaskar to Salman Khan. I used to pray to Jesus that I have no money. I will die like this and my god sent Salman Khan as an angel in my life. He stood by us and helped me with my operation. His entire family is standing by me. I would like to thank you and your family,” said Jaya, addressing Salman.

She added: “I pray that you and your family never face any kind of struggle. I pray that you move much ahead. Thank you, Salman Khan.”

Rakhi too thanked Salman for the help. “It is because of you and god that this big operation is taking place. You helped us get the number of the world’s best doctors. Every house in India should have sons like Salman Khan and Sohail Khan,” she said.

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