Odisha album actress death: Voice message of Simran goes viral

Sambalpur: A day after Sambalpuri album actress Simran Singh was found dead under Mahanadi Bridge near Goira Matha in the district, her last voice message has gone viral in the social media today.

In the message, Simran is heard crying and telling that she is going far away from one and all.

“Everyone is saying that I am doing a drama but I am not. I have completely broken down. I cannot handle myself alone anymore. You should have asked me once to leave everything and come home and I would have done it for you,” Simaran said in Hindi in the voice message. 

“Believe me Yug, I have written your name on my body,” she added saying, “I wish you had tried to put in some effort to save our relationship, but alas, you didn’t.”

The actor ended the message saying, “I am going far away from you, from myself and from my family.”

It is suspected that the voice message was addressed to her husband Yug Suna.

Simran and Yug reportedly had a troubled married life. Earlier, she and her family members had lodged complaints of harassment against her husband at Jharsuguda Police station.

The late actress was featured in several hit Sambalpuri albums, such as Selfie Bebo, Rickshawala, Rimjhim, Mor Girlfriend-2, Dil Ka Raza, Dj Babu Return among others.  

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