Odia short film ‘Rameshwari’ released on YouTube: Watch

Bhubaneswar: The ancient name of Odisha is ‘Utkal’ which means the land that excels in art. And this statement is true as many youngsters of this State come up with amazing works of art.

AMA TV has recently released a creative short film titled ‘Rameshwari – An Unseen Truth’. First of its kind in the State, the short film has been made using still photographs, backed by a powerful back ground voice and music. Unlike other films, this flick does not uses video clips. And the outcome is scintillating.

Produced by Pranay Jethy ‘Rameshwari’ has been directed by Sanjay Das. Sisir Bhatamishra is the scriptwriter while Sudhakar Das has lent the background voice. Sound Design of the film is by Bibhuti Gadnayak and advisor is Dr Rajani Ranjan.

Producer of ‘Rameswari’ Pranay Jethy, MD of AMA TV is also the Co producer of ‘Kichhi khata kichi mitha’. He is the producer of ‘Sindoora’. He was also the serial producer of ‘Sampoorna’ a women based reality show aired on E TV. He also produced ‘Wow’, a reality show on film stars besides ‘Sriman Srimati ‘ a women based Game show. Besides, Jethy has worked as publicity designer and Creative Head for about 100 Odia films.

Plot of ‘Rameswari’:

A poor girl named Phula lives in a village. The gorgeous girl is helpless but never feels herself unsafe as soon after her birth she had been offered to Goddess Kali by her grandpa. From then she has dedicated her life in the service of the Goddess.

The villagers are fond of her thanks to her simplicity and sweet talks. People from all ages are crazy about her. Hence, she is like a princess in the village.

One day she woke up early in the morning. It was the day of Goddess Kali puja. She set out for the village pond to take a bath. She is much excited because she would worship the Goddess for whom she is dedicated.

Over the years, the village has witnessed many changes. Earlier chanting of the names of God by a group of people (kirtan) was going on beneath the huge banyan tree at the end of the village. Now, one can witness youngsters of the village sitting there to gossip nasty political affairs and to have intoxicants. However, Phula is not worried. She thinks, if she is right, the whole world will be right towards her.

Now, Phula reached the bathing ghat and set there on a stone. She started thinking looking at the water. She recalled her parents’ faces  and chanting of religious verses by her grandpa during puja days as the family members were living a pleasant life. She also recalled that few days back she had collected lotus flowers from this pond to offer the Goddess. Now, she took a holy dip in the water and set out for home.

On the way to home Phula saw a China rose plant and thought of plucking some flowers to make a garland to offer Goddess Kali as this is Her favourite. As she went near the plant and looked behind, she noticed Mantu and Makhan, two wicked boys of the village are following her. She did not pay much heed to them, plucked the flowers and started returning home.

As she measured some more distance, Phula saw that the two miscreants are still following her. She smelt danger but chanted name of God within her and proceeded. However, after some time she smelt stink of liquor as the two miscreants went close to her. Now, both of them jumped on Phula to outrage her modesty. But Phula offered a befitting fight in return. And she was praying Goddess to provide her courage and strength. The next moment she fell on the ground as Mantu pushed her.

Phula is now injured but there is glow in her face. As she managed to stand up she found a sharp weapon fallen on the grass in between the bushes. Without losing a moment she picked up the weapon. Now she felt like Goddess Katyayani has entered to her body. At this moment Mantu tried to pull her towards him to which she took a turn and swung the sword and almost cut the miscreant’s head. Blood got sprayed out of his body. Seeing this, the other boy fled from the scene. Fallen on the ground the critically injured Mantu was seeing, as if in front of him, it was not Phula, but Goddess Kali was standing.

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