Not easy being at home all the time: Armaan Malik

New Delhi:  ‘Pehla Pyaar’ (Kabir Singh, 2019) singer Armaan Malik says life as we know it, has changed, and it is not easy being home all the time.

Excerpts from his IANSlife interview.

Q. How are you spending the quarantine period?

Malik: I am learning stuff online, bettering my craft, and making new songs. I even did a few live sessions with my fans. It’s really heartwarming to see the whole music industry do Instagram live sessions and mini digital-concerts to spread the message of love and peace during this lockdown. Life has changed as we know it. It’s not easy being at home all the time.

Q. Creating music or listening to music?

Malik: Both! It’s amazing to have all this time to myself and create some new melodies and songs for the world. I am listening to new music from some of my current favourites like Dua Lipa and Lauv.

Q. How are you responding to the reviews of your latest English single ‘Control’?

Malik: It’s so exciting to see ‘Control’ getting so much love from all around the world. I am seeing so many dance videos, covers and reaction videos to the song all over the internet. I love it! I always wanted my first english to get a lot of love.

Q. You have been a multi-lingual singer, Is singing in English any different?

Malik: It’s been a childhood dream of mine to sing and write my own songs in English. Finally after many years of doing Hindi/Indian music I found the right opportunity to make my dreams come true, and release my first english single. This isn’t a one-off project for me, this is a the beginning of the journey and yes, there are going to be many more.

Q. How important is a period of self-isolation for art to flourish?

Malik: It’s great to be isolated and working on music, but I have always loved collaborating and jamming with songwriters. The combined musical energy of multiple people in the same room definitely adds to the song; making it even better.

Q.What’s your diet and fitness routine these days?

Malik: I’m not binge eating or eating junk. I loving the �maa ke haath ka khaana’. In fact I’m even cooking a few meals myself. With respect to fitness, I work out alternate days at home, doing free hand exercises and some resistance training.

Q. What’s next on the charts?

Malik: I am working on a couple of new non-film singles, both in English and Hindi. A few bollywood songs are also in the pipeline, however their release depends on when the coronavirus situation settles down and the films start getting their release dates.

Q.Your advice to budding musicians in quarantine.

Malik: To singers and vocalists – keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. Take online lessons, see YouTube tutorials, make the most of the time at hand to better your craft and hone your skills.

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