Mesmerizing Bass guitar playing by Saree-clad Nilanjana Ghosh: Watch

You will not believe it, till you would not watch it

One of the few videos that rocked the internet in the last few days is about a saree-clad Bengali girl playing the bass guitar. The world class jaw dropping performance by the lady has left the netizens speechless.

The video was shared by a Twitter user Sashi Wapang on his handle and captioned, “After Mohini Dey, this is another jaw-dropping Bengali lady bassist. Sea of Lies by Symphony X. Bass cover by Nilanjana Ghosh Dastidar.”

As we see in the video the bass guitarist first fixes her earrings and bindi and then starts to jam on her guitar. She plays the cover of ‘Sea of Lies’ by Symphony X and the performance is outstanding.

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