Mahasweta starrer Odia film ‘Sathi Tu Pheria’ to release on November 23

Actors Jyoti and Anubha will be paired for the first time in this film

Bhubaneswar: Legendary Odia actress Mahasweta Ray will be seen playing mother of the protagonist in ‘Sathi Tu Pheria’. Jyoti will be seen playing the character of a gangster in the film.

When it comes to Bollywood there are many instances where the protagonist essays the character of a gangster. In such films often an innocent young man goes astray (as situation demands) and falls into the oft-quoted trap of ‘bad company’. And later he turns into a hard-core criminal. Though his onscreen actions are justified at some point of time, such a character certainly cannot be tagged as an inspirer in real life. However, despite the negative approach of the character, films of such genre have largely amused the audience. Manoj Bajpayee’s ‘Satya’, Anil Kapoor’s ‘Parinda’, Kamal Haasan’s ‘Nayakan’, Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Agneepath’, Rajinikanth’s ‘Thalapathi’ are a few examples of ‘Gangster’ films. Perhaps Sanjay Dutt is the actor who has played an onscreen don for the maximum time as compared to others. His 1999 film ‘Vastav’ that largely belonged to this league was a successful approach.

Following the trend Odia film director Sudhakar Basant is coming up with his latest film ‘Sathi Tu Pheria’ where actor Jyoti will be seen as a trigger-happy and drug-sniffing gangster. He is the blue eyed boy of his mother. It has been learnt that his character is mysterious till the climax. Besides, the film has love, romance, emotion, action and drama.

Jyoti and Anubha
Jyoti and Anubha in Sathi Tu Pheria

A unique selling point of ‘Sathi Tu Pheria’ is actress Mahasweta Ray. As per the film unit the plot of the film largely dwells upon affection between a mother and her son. We had witnessed Sanjay Dutt and Rohini Hattangadi playing mother and son in ‘Vastaav: The reality’ where both the actors did justice to their characters. Hence, now it is time to see how much Mahasweta and Jyoti can do in this film. Based on Mahasweta’s landmark performances in the last five decades we believe she would not leave any stone unturned to justify her role. And when it comes to Jyoti, he has so far successfully amused the audience in a few films. However, he has danced and romanced successfully in his earlier films and yet to showcase his acting aptitude. Hence, time will say how much the two actors can win heart of the audience with their performance in the film.

So what is expected from ‘Sathi Tu Pheria’ to bring to the table? “Besides the mother-son love episodes, the film has enough scenes where the gorgeous actress Anubha Sourya will be seen romancing with the protagonist,” Pranay Jethy, creative head of the film intimates.

Another unique selling point of the film is the track ‘To Ghagra upare choli, choli tale ghagara’. The song has so far gone crazy and trending in social media. Singers Asutosh and Dipitrekha have lent voice to this track.

Jyoti and Anubha will be paired for the first time in this film, though both of them have already appeared in a few films earlier.

Made by Saishraddha Tele Production and Zee Sarthak ‘Sathi Tu Pheria’ casts Mantu, Anisha, Sritam Das, Guddu, Rajiv Mohanty and Pintu Nanda apart from the lead actors. Nihar Samal and Bini Samal have produced the film while Premanand has scored the music. Story screenplay and dialogues are by Chinmaya Das Pattanayak. The film has been scheduled to release on November 23, 2018.

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